Argos Solutions offers innovative grading system for laminate floors - Wood Business

October 27, 2022  By Argos Solutions

For the past six months, Argos Solutions has in close collaboration with Kastamonu Entegre developed and tested a state-of-the-art grading system for laminate flooring. Now, the system is a fully integrated part of the production line at the Kastamonu facility. Poplar Core

Argos Solutions offers innovative grading system for laminate floors - Wood Business

“We really appreciate this partnership and the chance to develop this system together with Kastamonu. This project has given us the opportunity to expand our product portfolio and offer laminate flooring producers a high-quality grading system. This will optimize production, reduce downgrades, and secure the desired product quality,” said Rune Gotfredsen, sales manager at Argos Solutions.

Laminate floors have different grading and quality requirements than other surface materials, and Argos has used its expertise and experience to develop and produce a system that meets these accurately.

Together with Kastamonu, who is one of the leading producers of laminate floors, Argos Solutions have been able to test the system for large volumes, high production speed, and a wide array of specifications.

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